• Zavtone magazine highlights global concerns filtered through pop culture. It focuses on digital artists, musicians, performers, and writers dedicated to high-resolution creative artwork with strong statements. Seeking the English/ Japanese ...synthetic aesthetic, Zavtone is a state of the art repository of sensory stimuli with rare interviews, digital artists and performers, personal features, short fiction, urban fashion statements enhancing the new and emerging digital talent in the art world. Zavtone magazine is often seen as a journal of art and technology, as it moves towards the future, it defines the position of art & technology today.


    Zavtone was the "magazine for new digital age” exist in 90’s ,creates fantastic digital art combining the talents of Japan and the United States and many other countries. All contents were in English and Japanese, It focuses on digital artists (like Japanese masters “Organix”), musicians, performers, and writers dedicated to high-resolution creative artwork with strong statements. The subjects in the magazine were dazzlingly wide range__ from mayan calendar to nano technology,Burning man, rave/techno culture, inner&outer traveling, analysis of drugs by the point of view of the cultural anthropology ,etc etc..Seeking the English/Japanese synthetic aesthetic, Zavtone was a state of the art repository of sensory stimulus with rare intervievws, digital artists and performers, personal features, short fiction, urban fashion statements, enhancing the new and emerging digital talent in the art world


    Version 2.0 Drum 'N' BASS
    A journey into drum 'n' bass, future forces, Inc., interview with LTJ Bukem and Source Direct, Desert Storm, Nicholas Saunders, Sound of underground, Organix, Drum 'n' Bass CD review, sign off, Deep Space Time


    Version 3.0 SPACEY
    DeepSpeaceTime fashion designers, beauty shots, net police s.c.a.t (comics), cog the humanoid robot, der sudio grouppe (future fashion, cyber images), from homo-sapiens to homo -artifactualis, smart drugs


    Time and the Biosphere, the essence of Imix - rhythm of the trinity, where the drum is played, guerilla wear, burning man, NINJA Tune night, Amsterdam hair, The light if dimension form - creation of flower sound Sven Vath - The master of techno DJ from Frankfurt Germany, MUTANT TUNE, email is telepathy installation software


    Version 7.0 AMBIENT
    From Ambient to Nubient, The voice of Galaxy, Space Night, emit, dance to the synthesizer, artman, Chill Scape, Buddhastick Transparent: featuring something in the air, mouse on mars+oval+microstoria, sound of the planet, FAXLABEL USA, BAsic channel chain reaction, Nick Phillip + Silent, Big Chill, Melon, Spavey sound of Outline, Mystic Stones, In the Eye of Artist: ARt and the Perennial Philosophy, Pain & Pleasure, Map of Ambient (rough guide), Views from the Id Phase 2


    Version 8.0 EARTH
    Mothership Earth, Galactic Dreamspell, Ceiba Foundation, ZEDU Searching for Earth, History is an obsolete conceot, Truth in Nature, Paintings & Peircings, Issey Miyake Men, Tokyo Time Bandits, Berline vegetable bandits, Hemp, Interview with Dennis Peron, Yamo, Rainbow Man, Trance Africa Highway, Mutant Tune, Caf Expose, Rainbow 2000, Spiritual Living with Earthly Awareness, Herbal Verbal, Artwork featured: Waturu Komachi, Akira Utsomi, Miki Kitazawa, Kazuya Ono


    Version 9.0 PARTY
    Chill Space Party - DMT, Matsuri Tokyo & Vision Quest, SOLAR free party in Toyko, Organic Gathering Party at DO-SHI Village, Glastonbuy Festival, POP Life & art of keith Herring, Nubient, After Hour Power--Amsterdam, Great Wall Vibes, The Salon, S.P.A.Z. party SF, ORGANIX digital pictures, Karma Vertigo Interview with Jaron Lanier, dj ki, Surfing the Tsunami Festival of Life, Mutant Tune -tone tales from tomorrow too, N-Dimensional Mind Tracks, On Our Backs - Lexington Bar, The Big Chill, Equinox-The Strong Sun Moon, Ancient Futures - Dalai Lama, A map of ancient megalithic with new constructions, Interview with Jose Arguelles


    Version 10.0 TRANCE
    Love Parade - Berlin, Free Form Trance - Blue Room USA, Rainbow 2000 - Tokyo, Life view through a dew drop, The Strong sun moon festival, Trance Frequency overload, the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century, break the definition between man molecule and machine, trance graphix, Ceiba Records - SF, Granduew at decadence de la trance en France, Shanti Kranti, U<trance>K, Consortium of Collective Consciousness - SF, you know its a trance party when, the mission of art, new technologies and the year 2000, World Festivals of Sacred Music: Oceans of Resonance, World Festivals of Sacred: Go with the Flow, area code 415, Tibetan Medical & Astro Institute - Botanical Intelligence, Atlantean Dreams, Phazer, Queensday, Exterminate all rational thought, trance communication - DJ Tsuyoshi + Turntablism of trance n bass


    Version 12.0 SHANTI ISSUE
    KIN sound recordings, the full solar eclipse festival, Shanti Wisdom, Androgyne Gyroscopic Motion, Shanti Beings, The story of Siddhartha, Sabatage, Baraka Foundation, interact interview with Nick Philip, Mutant Hybrid, Love and Happiness, A Mayan love affair, rainbow, earthday, speed bass, Shantipi festival, vision of ocean bliss, electrochemical awareness, Electrolux, Shanti Nation, CATORI, out of your mind, Plastikman (concept), Meat Beat Manifesto, (electronic, organic, audio, dub syntheses for humans)


    Version 13.0 INTO THE 2000 ISSUE
    Teche2K, Gravity, Absorption-Transmutation of Souls, Sun & Moon Goddess project, Equinox Festival, Time zone 2013, Frequencies of the mind, Homo Sapiens neuromatix, birthright to live, the future was now, beyond 2000, Eternity, earthdance 1999, Into the 2000, Vision quest, Geisha Borg, a love letter from the future moment, Listening to the songs of Elementary particles, Grounding music diary, Ninjas into the millennium, and the light of dimension.


    Version 14.0 HARUKAZE ISSUE
    Round, Glastonbury Festival, Arcadia - a state in one s mind, solstice, Seasons & Sounds, Preparing for the age of spiritual machines, Sense of Consiciousness, 2020 Holograffitti, Thailand 2000, Chian Mai Chaing rai Chiang saen, Chiang Mai 2542 -- Neoteric 99, Equinox, annoyo, back to life - tawains ambient healing dance vigil, resfest --the digital filmaking, better living through circuitry, Tekno culture from the auzzie east edge, interview with A.B. Digerdoo oblivion, EYEdentify, eklecktick, Optimal, The adventure of intergalactic space vixens Karmic Boomerang, World peace through technology,

    Regular Columns CPU/DNA transferring, the Healing & Psychic Channel, A colum of Mutant Hybrids, Deep Diver, Dadara art, Brain Scape, - A view from the Altered Dimension, conscious dreams, Daisy world, Off the Hack, Brunch, transform or die out! I-Ching and the DNA code, Valum Votan and Bolan Ik, the day God sees God, ground music diary, off tone, Geisha Borg

    Contributors Jose Arguelles, Nick Phillip, Alex Grey, MixMaster Morris, Organix, Tina Zimmerman, Cyberzen, Richard Sharp, Scott Letkoff, Kiyoto Tsuboi, Jey Inoue, Bart-Jean Brouwer, Katsuzo Yamaguchi, Jimmie Wing, Kotaro Manabe, Jon Reiss, Nick Taylor, Yasuaki Matsuki, Kentoh, Octavia, Andromedia, Dhiren, Cozi, Tetra Tanizaki, Sunny, DJ Chris, Patrick Rochon, Brett Shore, Terboted, Rob Day, Miki Kitazawa, Yuchy